Originally released in 2000, Transition was the second Street Talk release. It’s an album that really defines the Street Talk sound, and one that showcases just how versatile a singer Goran Edman really is. For a Metal vocalist, he sounds like he was born to sing straight-up AOR.
Backed by sublime melodies and impeccable production, Edman really shines here. Transition is pretty light on the rock elements though, so be prepared for lots of sappy love songs. MelodicRock’s reissue of Transition features new cover artwork, the Japanese bonus track “I’ll Always Remember You” and six additional bonus demo tracks. The demos aren’t exactly essential, but it’s really nice having the Japanese bonus track.

Goran Edman (v)
Hugo (v) (Restoration only)
Fredrik Bergh (k) (v)
Sven Larsson (g)
Mikael Berner (b) (Transition only)
Bjorn Lodmark (b)
Christian Johansson (d)

Track Listing:

1. Someday (I’ll Get Over You)
2. Need Someone
3. If Anybody Breaks Your Heart
4. Let Me Be the One
5. Always Stand By You
6. Ye Gods and Little Fishes
7. Everything I Do is Just For You
8. Energizer Bunny
9. Don’t Give Up on This Love
10. When You Lose the One You Love
11. I’ll Always Remember You
12. Always Stand By You (demo)
13. Someday (demo)
14. Anytime, Anywhere (demo)
15. I Will Be There (demo)
16. Don’t Give Up on This Love (demo)
17. Let Me Be the One (demo)

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Street Talk – Transition 2015 [deluxe reissues]

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