FrontName Zed Yago, once the promising, now the order is forgotten. The fact that the team is still functioning and record new albums, know, probably only the most meticulous fans. Nevertheless, the main songwriter Jimmy Duran team does not throw his creation, and last year the band released studiynik “Pirates From Hell”. He received a surprisingly high-quality impregnated thereby mesmerizing “ZED-yagovskim” spirit of drama and theatrics, how famous record “From Over Yonder” (1988) and “Pilgrimage” (1989).

As before, the bulk of the material – a mid-tempo hymns with powerful and memorable riffs, excellent solos and expressive female vocals. As for the vocals, I confess, I had some doubts, because to find a worthy replacement of a figure like Jutta Weinhold, not so easy. And let herself Jutta is currently not in the best condition, the fans will still compare the new songs to the classics. So, vocalist Yvonne Duran singing Zed Yago in 2005, proved that this burden on her shoulder. Its strong, slightly husky voice fits perfectly into the style of the ensemble. As for the songs, they all get a quality and interesting, whether it’s sweeping anthems like “End Of The World”, “Master Of Black Arts” and “Believe In Metal” or the touching ballad “Forever” and “Overture Of 1641” (History of the Flying Dutchman, whose daughter, according to legend, is Zed Yago). Participation in this recording veteran keyboardist Tony Carey Add Album paints, although he showed himself not as active as we would like. But another star guest – Markus Grosskopf of Helloween – wrote a really tasty bass for “perplovskoy» “Burn”. Perhaps the only disadvantage of the disk can be called a sound, get even and lively but somewhat lumpy. This is especially noticeable in the song “Sir Lancelot”, where the clang of cymbals beats unpleasant on the ears. Total, we have a very decent release team with a glorious past. The main problem is the disc that he released the efforts of the musicians themselves, so find it not so easy, because in the shops it is not sold.

1. End Of The World
2. Overture Of 1641
3. Born To Rock
4. Master Of Black Arts
5. Forever
6. Valley Of The King
7. Believe In Metal
8. The Beast
9. Sir Lancelot
10. Burning Witches
11. Sea Of Silence
12. Burn (Deep Purple cover)
13. Forever (Orchestral Version)

Yvonne Durand – vocals
Tony Carey – keyboards, backing vocals
Jimmy Durand – guitars, backing vocals
Karsten Kreppert – drums
Ingo Wittneben – drums

Guest appearances:
Markus Grosskopf – bass on “Burn” and “Overture Of 1641”
Vince Viking – backing vocals on “Valley Of The King” and “End Of The World”

Password: Plotn08



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Zed Yago – Pirates from Hell (2010 )

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