Wonderworld - IIFinally, and after a year on the road playing live gigs, the band that consists of Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth), Ken Ingwersen (Street Legal) and Tom Fossheim (Live Fire) is back in the game with album number two, simply titled “II”. ust for the record, all of Wonderworld’s three members are, also, currently the permanent backing band for Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep), under the name; Ken Hensley & Live Fire.

The new opus kicks-off with the bluesy straight forward rocker tune of “Forever Is A Lie“. This is a great track all the way that includes Tiranti’s deep and emotional vocals, Ken’s brilliant guitar licks and great arrangements. Ken Ingwersen’s guitar really ‘smokes’ here!!!! In “Remember My Words” the band put more groove while in “It’s Not Over Yet” we are dealing with yet another highlight out of the new record. The Indie elements make their appearance in the start and then the track transforms into a superb power ballad with such a beautiful melody! Once again Tiranti’s vocals shine here!! The magical moments don’t stop here; check out, also, the amazing “Echo Of My Thoughts” (the guitar work is out of this world!!!), the heavier “Evil In Disguise” and the groovy “Return To Life“.

1. Forever Is A Lie
2. Remember My Words
3. Elements
4. It´s Not Over Yet
5. Echo Of My Thoughts
6. Evil In Disguise
7. Return To Life
8. Memories
9. In The End
10. Down The Line

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Wonderworld – II (2016)

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