The Wild Boyz, by their own admission, are the type of band that killed the 80’s glam genre. But despite their lack of originality, and some of the asinine lyrics, the album itself isn’t half bad. Bassist Joey Wylde and drummer K. Lee Lauren formed the Wild Boyz from the remnants of their previous band Dorian Gray. With the addition of vocalist Willie D. and guitarists Valentino and Matt Steavanz, the band was ready to set the L.A. strip on fire amidst a flurry of hair spray and make-up.

Wild Boyz were the personification of a hair metal band. These guys had the look, the songs, and the attitude to make some serious headway in the hair metal world. Sadly their debut record was released in 1991, not 1986. If Unleashed would have been released several years prior, I have no doubt these guys have been a little more well known.

“Unleashed” is a pretty straightforward hard rock record. It is much in the vein of Poison or Pretty Boy Floyd. “Pleazure N’ Pain”, “Cowboy Ride”, “I don’t Wanna Cry No More”, and “Forever” are all standout tracks. The rest of the album isn’t awful either you just have to overlook some less than top-notch song writing.

Wild Boyz may not have been the most original band of their time, but they sure put out a good rock ‘n’ roll record in my opinion. The album is chalked full of catchy songs and i’m sure if you like 80’s rock music like I do, you’ll have no problem enjoying this.

They filled clubs in the L.A. glam heyday, and even did a couple of regional tours supporting their one and only album, Unleashed!. But by 1993 the grunge movement started to settle in, and bands such as the Wild Boyz all but disappeared, never to be heard from again.

1. Pleazure ‘N’ Pain
2. I Don’t Wanna Cry No More
3. I’m On My Way
4. Forever
5. Take Me
6. Roll The Dice
7. She Don’t Care
8. High Tonite
9. In Your Face
10. Cowboy Ride

Joey Wylde – Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocals
K. Lee Lauren – Drums, Piano
Matt Steavanz – Guitars, Background Vocals
Valentino – Guitars, Background Vocals
Wllie D. – Vocals

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Wild Boyz – Unleashed! (1990)

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