Power Metal from Colombia. Vorpal Nomad started as a power metal band in 2010 as an initiative by Felipe Machado Franco on Lead Vocals and Nicolas Waldo on Lead Guitars. The same year Christian Gaitan on Drums, Andres Parada on second Guitar and Daniel Pinzon on Bass joined the band.By late 2010 the bands first Maxi CD was recorded and self released under the name The Spirit Machine.
This Maxi gave the band good reviews inside the underground metal press and helped them to be the opening act of bands likeGrave Digger and Saratoga in 2011 at their hometown Bogota.

Around March of 2011 Vorpal Nomad starts to compose a produce new material for their first full length CD. The new CD entitled Hyperborea was recorded at ART studio under the engineering and co production of Juan Felipe Gutierrezand a few months later was mixed mastered and post produced by renowned power metal German producer Piet Sielck of the band Iron Savior. By October of 2011 the band releases on the web a new single called Jack O Lantern, the first product of Piet’s input as a producer on the band.  By March of 2012 the new CD was mixed and ready and after releasing a new single called Skull Island on the net the Canadian record company Metalodic became interested in the band and a few days later signed Vorpal Nomad to their bands catalogue.

Few words about the album:

This is the best Power Metal CD you’ll ever hear. It’s been growing inside our heads for the past 15 years as we grew hearing all the cool power metal bands from Germany and the UK. It comes from a band born in a country that has no Power Metal history at all, if one Metal gender ever evolved from Colombia it could be death metal or black, so growing up and creating the music we like in a cero Metal magazines, Cero Metal Radio Stations, and cero Power Metal record companies environment made us strong and never quitting. The door of things to happen regarding Power Metal in Colombia is just opening and behind it you’ll find thousands of Power Metal fans that want more, fans that have made sold out shows of bands like Helloween, Gamma Ray and Blind Guardian over here and that now for the first time fell proud about a Power Metal band made inside their town and country. If you like what you hear we only promise more of it up ahead.

02.Skull Island
03.The Brotherhood
04.Final Cry For Freedom
05.Last Heroe On The Earth
06.The Mad Hatter
07.Vorpal Nomad
08.As The Other World fall Down (featuring Oliver Hartmann)
09. Jack O LanternFelipe Machado Franco – Vocals

Nicolas Waldo – Guitar / Compositor
Andres Parada – Guitar
Daniel Pinzon – Bass

Christian Gaitan – DrumsPassword: Plotn08


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