Vincenzo Avallone - Escape Velocity (2015)
Producer and Mixing Engineer at Deep Water Recordings in Salerno Italy.I record,mix and master Local and international bands in my studio in Salerno or via internet so if you have to record or produce your band send me a message!

01. Sg-1 (Feat. Ruan C. Elias)
02. Ascension (Feat. Ruan C. Elias & Gabriel Soares)
03. Space Battleship 31 (Feat. Ruan C. Elias)
04. Gliese 581-G
05. Stars Between Us (Feat. April Gibson)
06. By Your Side (Feat. Ruan C. Elias)
07. Escape Velocity
08. Sub-Orbital Love
09. Samsara
10. Home Planet


Vincenzo Avallone – Escape Velocity (2015)

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