1463191593_600Time to welcome a new star of the German heavy / power metal, and that is the band called Velocity. Apparently the one hand go route trodden by Gamma Ray, Mob Rules, or Helloween, but try to be myself and create something of their own. Their music is a mix of the known power metal from the German metal scene, the British heavy metal under the sign of Saxon, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. It is completed by a hint of thrash metal aggression created on the model of Paradox or artillery.

Many factors, many pieces of the puzzle, but the end result is impressive. “The King Will Die” is something more than the debut of the German formations, which look out of place on the metal scene, is a board that shows the true potential of this group. Silesu / Moldt are rocking in the field of guitar and the whole album show what they can do. Dynamic riffs, complex solos and duels on a large number of interesting melodies. This distribution makes each piece a genuine hit and a treat for fans of the genre. Apparently nothing new get and listen to this extremely pleasant. The driving force in this case is also a great singer Dennis Mayer, who copes with aggressive parties, as well as the more technical. Singing in the upper registers of his ace in the sleeve, with frequent use. The material itself is worth the German scene and skills of musicians. There are no weak tracks and each of them is a hit, who knows how to collapse a lasting memory. “Storms of the North” is a sober and catchy opener, which takes us into areas of true metal and other more chivalrous varieties of heavy metal. More dynamics and power metal uświadczymy in “The Collector” and melodic “The Hunter and The Prey”. A lot happens in these pieces, and this is just the beginning. On a good team kicks off in energetic “N.W.O” and this is one of the best songs on the album. First of all, it pulls it simple motor skills and a catchy chorus. The CD could not miss a more elaborate piece and here, “sorrowing Meadows” works perfectly. The team interjects here various interesting themes, so that a piece can surprise at times. Velocity cope with every challenge and every obstacle. Even the ballad is not a problem for them. “No more tears” is an example of that in this day and age, you can record and mature romantic ballad. At the end we have been the title of “The King Will Die”, which sounds like a mix of Running Wild and Judas Priest. Powerful stuff, which is a perfect summary of this work. Apparently it’s all we have heard, but Velocity like how you should play heavy / power metal at a high level. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, a real ride no hands and hits that you will move, is “The King Will Die” that you provide. Pleasant surprise and one of the most interesting debuts of 2016.

01. Storms Of The North
02. The Collector
03. The Hunter And The Prey
04. N.W.O
05. Sorrowing Meadows
06. The Gunswordknight
07. No More Tears
08. The King Will Die


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Velocity – The King Will Die (2016)

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