Warmth in the Wilderness is a tribute album to guitar virtuoso Jason Becker. It features many artists such as Paul Gilbert, Marty Friedman, Mike Campese, Anders Johansson, Lars-Eric Mattsson, Paul Nelson, Jeff Pilson and other groups as well. A second tribute album was released in 2002, with the title “Warmth in the Wilderness Vol. 2 – A Tribute to Jason Becker”. Many songs were originally written by Jason Becker and David Lee Roth, before Becker was stricken with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Disc One
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “A Little Ain’t Enough – performed by Stormwind” Jason Becker, David Lee Roth 4:32
2. “Altitudes – performed by Torben Enevoldsen” Becker 5:48
3. “Eleven Blue Egyptians – performed by Ron Keel’s Iron Horse” Jason Becker, Marty Friedman 5:51
4. “A Jam for Jason – performed by Cosmosquad” Jeff Kollman 10:22
5. “Higher – performed by Dave Martone” Becker 7:00
6. “Alfie and Linda MacDonald of Phantom Blue-Becker Ola – performed by Puamana” Becker 4:17
7. “Dogtown Shuffle – performed by Rolf Munkes’ Empire” Steve Hunter, David Lee Roth, Brett Tuggle 3:50
8. “Go Off – performed by Evolution” Becker, Friedman 3:48
9. “Hammerhead Shark – performed by Lars-Eric Mattsson & Mark Boals” Eric Lowen, Roth, Preston Sturges 3:36
10. “Jasin Street – performed by Hit the Ground Runnin'” S. Williams 4:22
11. “If You Have to Shoot… Shoot-Don’t Talk – performed by Tony Baena” Becker 4:50
12. “Baby’s On Fire – performed by Josephine of Phantom Blue” Hunter, Roth, Sturges 3:26
13. “Sensible Shoes – performed by Jeff Scheetz” Dennis Morgan, Roth, Sturges 5:06
14. “ESP – performed by Cyril Achard” Becker, Friedman 5:58
15. “Air – performed by Phi Ansari Yaan-Zek” Becker 6:00

Disc Two
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “Opus Pocus 2 – performed by Project Alcazar” Jason Becker 5:43
2. “Mandy’s Little Throbbing Heart – performed by Eric Sands” Becker 3:33
3. “Blue – performed by Paul Nelson” Jason Becker 3:36
4. “It’s Showtime – performed by May Lian” Becker, Roth 3:39
5. “Becker’s Bolero – performed by Jeff Pilson” Becker 3:18
6. “Lydia’s House – performed by Mattias Eklundh” Becker 3:33
7. “Drop in the Bucket – performed by All the Usual Suspects” Becker, David Lee Roth 5:13
8. “Forcefield – performed by Rob Johnson” Rob Johnson 4:15
9. “Urmila – performed by Mistheria” Becker 4:30
10. “Black Stallion Jam – performed by Marty Friedman” Becker, Friedman 3:35
11. “Hawking – performed by Paul Gilbert” Todd Rundgren 7:09
12. “Primal – performed by Anders Johansson” Becker 6:47
13. “Rain – performed by Eric Zimmermann” Becker 3:51
14. “Concerto – performed by Mike Campese” Becker, Friedman 5:00
15. “Tell the Truth – performed by Lars-Eric Mattsson” Steve Hunt, David Lee Roth, Brett Tuggle 6:49
16. “Outro Jam – performed by Lars-Eric Mattsson” 6:30
Total length:

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V.A. Tribute to Jason Becker – Warmth In The Wilderness 2012

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