Genre: Melodic Power Metal
Country artist (group): US
Year: 2016

01. Prelude & Heorot (Merrymaking in the Mead Hall) [feat. Wayne Hammerstadt]
02. Grendel (feat. Ryan Willis, Ron Bordelon & RJ Diaz)
03. Hygelac’s Charge (feat. Ron Bordelon, Bob Parduba & RJ Diaz)
04. The Journey (Instrumental) [feat. Eric Madrid]
05. Song of Beowulf (feat. Wayne Hammerstadt, Jason Lane & Abigail Lane)
06. Grendel Vanquished (feat. Ryan Willis & Ron Bordelon)
07. Mother’s Wrath (feat. Ryan Willis, Kelly Moon & Alexander Kamburov)
08. Witch Hunt (feat. Ron Bordelon, Kelly Moon & Alexander Kamburov)
09. The Gragon (feat. Steve Sledje, Mark Chowning & Alexander Kamburov)
10. Funeral of Beowulf



Trevor Lane – Beowulf: A Metal Opera 2016

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