Germany’s Trancemission has survived, in some form, for better than 30 years playing traditional melodic hard rock. However, Naked Flames is their first release in seven years. Trancemission: unplugged and on the moon.

You could say Naked Flames is a mixed bag of material. The title tracks, split in two parts, bookend the album passing as melodic metal. There’s slow brooding feel to the songs. But generally there’s straight forward rock with Thorn Birds or Thanks God I’m a Fool. There’s a ballad of course, the very nice Susi ‘n’ Mape. There’s also a radio-friendly duet, You, with an unknown female singer. The odd bird here is likely Sex Me Up; the title and lyrics sound like this should be an Seventies disco number or Nineties hip hop song. It’s disturbingly interesting, nearly sultry rock blues for the dance floor. Weird.

01. Naked Flames Pt.1 05:35
02. Thorn Birds 04:30
03. Not Me 03:33
04. Sex Me Up 04:25
05. You 03:56
06. House Of Love 03:55
07. Thanks God I’m A Fool 04:02
08. Jenny And The Beast 04:00
09. Susi ‘n’ Mape 03:43
10. Naked Flames Pt.2 04:59




Trancemission – Naked Flames (2012)

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