Genre: Progressive Metal / Instrumental
Year: 2016
Country: USA

01. Opening / Bombing Mission (From “Final Fantasy VII”) [Metal Cover]
02. Legends of Azeroth (From “World of Warcraft”) [Metal Cover]
03. Waterfall (From “Undertale”) [Metal Cover]
04. Surge of Power (From “Mega Man Battle Network 6”) [Metal Cover]
05. Victory Road / Champion Theme (From “Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow”) [Metal Cover]
06. Battle Against a True Hero (From “Undertale”) [Metal Cover]
07. The Last Battle (From “Final Fantasy V”) [Metal Cover]
08. Megalovania (From “Undertale”) [Metal Cover]
09. Battle Theme (From “Final Fantasy VI”) [Metal Cover]
10. Heartache (From “Undertale”) [Metal Cover]
11. Falling Down (From “Mega Man Zero 4”) [Metal Cover]
12. Dogsong (From “Undertale”) [Death Metal Cover]


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ToxicxEternity – VG Metal Covers, Vol. 7 (2016)

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