capture-20150218-172627this disc represents a whole musical community – put together by SURVIVOR’s founding member Jim Peterik – coming together to celebrate the lives and talents of two of the best singers and beautiful spirits the rock world has known: JIMI JAMISON (of Target, Cobra and Survivor fame) and FERGIE FREDERIKSEN (of Le Roux, Angel, Toto, Fredriksen/Phillips, Mecca, Frederiksen/Denander fame).

It will stand also for those who have paved the way for this moment and those great talents who will inevitably pass. Hopefully these songs and heartfelt performances will bring healing to all those suffering losses in their lives, as well as serve as a celebration of life itself. It includes 4original new songs and 6 alternate mix or rare songs which are currently unreleased in Europe. Rounding up the package there are some album classics from Jimi and Fergie. Very limited quantities available!

1.)    The Music Remembers (A new song featuring Lars Säfsund and Robert Säll of Work of Art)
2.)    Heaven Passes the Torch ( A new song featuring Marc Scherer, Mike Reno, Bobby Kimball, Bill Champlin and Jim Peterik)
3.)    Never Too Late (Taken from the Jimi Jamison album by the same name)
4.)    I’ll Be the One (Taken from the Fergie Frederiksen album, Any Given Moment)
5.)    Crossroads Moment (Torch Remix) (Previously unreleased – Original version included on the Jimi Jamison album by the same name)
6.)    Follow Your Heart (From the Fergie Frederiksen album, Happiness is the Road)
7.)    Heaven on Earth (From the Pride of Lions album, The Roaring of Dreams)
8.)    Never Enough (A new song, featuring David Pack, formerly of Ambrosia)
9.)    Last Battle of My WarFergie and Friends Version – (Previously unreleased; featuring Bill Champlin, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Bruce Gaitsch, Ricky Phillips and Jim Peterik. Original version was included on the Fergie Frederiksen album,  Any Given Moment)
10.)  As IsTreasure Beneath the Tears Mix (Previously unreleased; original version was included on the Jimi Jamison album, Crossroads Moment)
11.)  Happiness is the Road (From the Fergie Frederiksen album of the same name)
12.)  You’re in Our Hearts (A new song featuring Marc Scherer)
13.)  Long Road Home (From the album World Stage, featuring Jim Peterik and Kelly Keagy of Night Ranger)
14.)  Alive (Original European Bonus Track from the Jimi Jamison album, Crossroads Moment)
15.)  When the Battle is Over (From the Fergie Frederiksen album, Any Given Moment)
16.)  Streets of Heaven (Original Japanese Bonus Track from the Jimi Jamison album, Crossroads Moment)
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Torch – The Music Remembers Jimi Jamison & Fergie Frederiksen 2015

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