During the 80’s Florida native Tony Lee Wise was the screamer on duty with Pierced Arrow & Beowulf, which would later become Crimson Glory. In the early 90’s Mister Wise was a member of Tyger Tyger, of which a review can be found somewhere else on these pages. After the demise of Tyger Tyger he moved to Germany (hence the album title, I think), where this album was recorded with a couple of session musicians.

The platter offers a wide array of genres ranging from Judas Priest-styled metal (“Steel City Shaker”) to a couple of ballads (such as”Golden River”) over some genuine hard-boiled hair metal (“White Hot Cherie”). And being the eclectic person that I am I liked the album immediately upon first hearing.
Tony Lee Wise has a quite remarkable vocal range. That little fact doesn’t come as a big surprise since he was part of what would in time turn into Crimson Glory. And if we know that the songs were recorded in Germany with local session players, then we know that the musical department has been taken care off in orderly fashion as well.
A record that will not get you bending over backwards in surprise or because of its renewing qualities but one that could surely be of interest to fans of aforementioned bands.

1. Living In Harmony
2. Golden River
3. Steel City Shaker
4. Hello
5. Love in a Minefield
6. Love in Chains
7. The Butcher
8. Down in a Hole
9. Fire Woman
10. White Hot Cherrie
11. Jackie’s Jumpin
12. Burnt Orange

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Tony Lee Wise – Germania (2007)

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