TOMMYDENANDER_LAThis is a very Limited (500 Copies) release of tracks from ‘Less Is More’ & ‘Skeleton’ aswell as previously unreleased demo’s etc and is a very nice collection of songs. ‘5492’ is probably the most notable track here as it features all the Toto boys (minus Mr. Lukather) & is an absolute gem of a track. If you like Tommy’s stuff then this is a very nice item to finish off the old TD collection. If you see it grab it ‘cos its as rare as hens teeth!!!

1.Woke Up Dead edit
3.Silent Visitors
5.I’ll Be Your Friend
6.Missing Time
7.Remember My Conscience
9.All Alone
10.If The Mood Is Right
11.L.A. Movies
12.Limited Access

Tommy Denander Guitars, Keyboards, Programming
Jeff Porcaro Drums
Mike Porcaro Bass
Steve Porcaro Programming
David Paich Keyboards
Mathias Bohman Programming
Andy Eklund Vocals
Bernt Ek Backing Vocals
Christian Fridh Guitars
Bruce Gaitsch Lead Guitar

Password: Plotn08



Tommy Denander – Limited Access (1997)

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