THE COMMONLY HELD BELIEF is that Seattle’s influential hard rock scene started during the early 90s with the establishment of grunge. However, peel back the layers and you’ll see that even grunge had to have roots. It’s no surprise then to find that TKO, and specifically band leaders Brad Sinsel and Rick Pierce, were at the very beginning of those rumblings, all be it wearing very different clothes.

1.Let It Roll 04:17
2.Ain’t No Way To Be 03:32
3.Only Love 03:20
4.Gutter Boy 03:17
5.Kill The Pain 03:12
6.Come A Day 03:46
7.Rock N Roll Again 04:29
8.Bad Sister 04:09
9.What In The World 04:51
10.Introduction (Live) 01:22
11.Rock N Roll Again (Live) 04:37
12.Bad Sister (Live) 04:20
13.What In The World (Live) 04:33
14.Gutter Boy (Live) 03:30
15.Kill The Pain (Live) 03:38
16.Only Love (Live) 03:19
17.Let It Roll (Live) 05:11
18.Ending (Live) 00:56


TKO – Let It Roll [RockCandy Remastered +9 bonus] 2016

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