frontTimothy Drury came to Peru with Whitesnake (What an excellent show man!), as all we know he is a well-respect keyboardist. Here Timothy has created a Very Good LiteAOR with an acoustic base ála Tim Feehan/Don Henley/Jimmy Ryser etc. My favorite track is the AOR-ish “Kiss You Like This” ála Mitch Malloy. The heartfelt ballads “Leap of Faith” “I’ll Set You Free” and “Wishful Thinking” are my favorite tracks. Recommended. 8.5/10


1 Right Kind Of Love
2 Can’t Help Ourselves
3 I Know You
4 Kiss You Like This
5 I’ll Set You Free
6 What We Can’t Have
7 Wishful Thinking
8 State Of Grace
9 Can’t Think Straight
10 I Know I’m In Heaven
11 Leap Of Faith

Timothy Drury – all drum programming, sequencing, keyboards, guitars, bass, vocals.
Rick Neigher – guitars on 1
Daniel O’Brien – drum programming, sequencing, back vocals on 2
Mark Browne – bass on 2
Ron Komie – electricguitar, slide, mandolin on 2
Val McCallum – electric guitar, slide on 8
Marilyn Martin & Sally Dworsky – back vocals on 11
Michael Hakes – electric guitar on 4,11
Chris Ralles – cabasa, congas, tambourine

Password: Plotn08


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