Genre: Symphonic Progressive / Power Metal
Country: Canada
Year: 2016

01. Fallacy
02. Kursk July 1943, Pt. I
03. Kursk July 1943, Pt. II
04. Requiem Aeterna (feat. Tatiana Tsai)
05. The Witchfinder General (feat. Jaenelle Antas)
06. Knights of Alexandria
07. Unveil (feat. Tatiana Tsai)
08. All for One
09. The Keeper
10. The Witchfinder General
11. Renaissance Court
12. Burnt Offerings
13. Eel Marsh House (The Woman In Black)
14. Matthew Hopkins (feat. Suzanne Sear)
15. Requiem Aeterna II (feat. Damla Kayihan)
16. Victorian Autumn
17. Twiddly Bits
18. Reluctant Allegiance
19. TWG (Acapella) (feat. Suzanne Sear)
20. Matthew Hopkins II (Instrumental)
21. Bit More Taste
22. King’s Cross
23. Jam..


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Thy Celtic Cross – Illusionary Renaissance 2016

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