A Swedish Rock Opera. The album features the following guests: Mike Andersson (Fullforce, Cloudscape), Martin Steene (Iron Fire, Bridgeville, Force of Evil), Andy La Rocque (King Diamond)
Göran Edman (Mårran, Yngwie Malmsteen, Talisman, Kharma)…

In the beginning, there was a vision. Now, that vision is reality. Welcome to Marty J Gummesson’s Thundermaker, A Swedish Rock Opera. It all started in July of 2013 when Marty wanted to push himself to the highest limit and create something that had never been done in Sweden before. His vison was shared by fellow drummer, Eddie, and they came up with the band name, Thundermaker, that same night.

Fast forward to December that same very year, Marty had finished written 11 tracks for their album. However, they did not have somebody who could handle the bass, so Eddie contacted Philip Petersson and the deal was set. As 6 tracks already had been recorded with bass by Marty himself, Philip insisted to re-record them and lay down bass on all 11 tracks.

[spoiler]The band also got in touch with Martin Steene, the amazing voice of bands such as Iron Fire and also Force of Evil, that featured members Hank Shermann, Michael Denner & Bjarne T Holm from Mercyful Fate and Hal Patino from King Diamond. The track “Ruler of the Underworld” was the first song written and was written with Martin in mind.Next up was Mike Andersson from the band Fullforce, which features members Anders Johansson from HammerFall & Yngwie Malmsteen, and also Stefan Elmgrem from HammerFall. Mike also sing in the Swedish band Cloudscape and on Thundermaker’s album, he joins as a guest on a whopping 8 tracks! Mike’s work for these tracks were second to none. An amazing guy and one hell of a voice!

Göran Edman laid down some amazing vocals on the album’s only ballad, “Eros Love”, and is the only track on the album that deals with the subject love.

Last but certainly not least, Marty felt this album would not be complete without his idol and friend from King Diamond, Andy La Rocque. Marty gave Andy a call and then the rest is, as they say, history. Andy laid down some truly fantastic lead guitar work on the album’s third track, “God of the Sea”.

In december, due to personal differences, Philip was let go of his duties and Marty & Eddie continued on without a bassplayer.

In february 2014, the band got a management deal by Double “PT” Records Management Inc and made some big achievements the following months. A big setback came in june when Eddie decided to part ways with the band due to personal reasons.

One thing that never came to Marty’s mind was quitting the band. This was his dream, his project and vison. Together with manager, Peter, he and Marty sat down and talked for hours about the future of the band and what they were going to do.

Then came november and after spent nearly 24 hours a day for a year’s time, the debut album “The Thundermaker was released. It was mixed and mastered in Marty’s home studio, Opossum Studios, Swden and released by the new record label, Double “PT” Records. The effort was also signed by Marty and guest singer, Mike Andersson.

That brings us to this day. As of now, the band is scheduled to rehearse soon and to finally do the first tour. So who’s in this band you may ask?

The live personel will be revealed soon and will be quite something. A few surprises left to announce just in time for the tour. Stay tuned and THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR BELIEVING!!![/spoiler]

01. Jotunheim
02. The Thundermaker (feat. Mike Andersson)
03. God of the Sea (feat. Mike Andersson & Andy La Rocque)
04. Labyrinth of Death (feat. Mike Andersson)
05. Hero of the Divine (feat. Mike Andersson)
06. Eros’ Love (feat. Göran Edman)
07. Odin’s Hall (feat. Mike Andersson)
08. Golden Red Tears (feat. Mike Andersson)
09. Ruler of the Underworld (feat. Martin Steene)
10. The Guardian (feat. Mike Andersson)
11. King of the Gods (feat. Mike Andersson)

Marty – All Guitars (all guitars, bass & keys recordings) Live personel: Guitars: TBA Bass: TBA Drums: TBA Vox; TBA Vox: TBA Vox: TBA Special guests “The Thundermaker”: Martin Steene: Vocals on track 9 “Ruler of the Underworld” Mike Andersson: Vocals on track 2,3,4,5, 7, 8, 10 & 11″ Göran Edman : Vocals on track 6 “Eros’ Love” Andy La Rocque – Lead guitars on track 3 “God of the Sea”



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Thundermaker – The Thundermaker (2014)

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