Thunderfuck and the Deadly Romantics Sexploitation reviewBlessed with one of the finest band names of modern times, and with an album named after one of my favourite movie genres, Thunderfuck and the Deadly Romantics follow the ‘Do You Wanna Rock and Roll?’ and ‘Starfucker’ EPs with ‘Sexploitation’, a fucked-up full-length containing a right dirty dozen songs (secret track not included).

[spoiler]Opening the album with the title tracks of those two previous extended players, it takes but a couple of trashy minutes to discover exactly where these new Romantics have come a-crawling from – the gutter. (Smut) peddling an infectious (as an STD) brand of grebo sleaze that sounds like an early version of The Almighty when Ricky Warwick was on his most overzealous Zodiac Mindwarp kick and, seriously, not getting enough of the other, Mr. Thunderfuck and his band offer lowbrow lyrical tales of sex, sluts, sex, screwing, sluts…and sex. Oh yeah, and a healthy spattering of primal rock ‘n’ roll fist punching, air guitaring and shape throwing.

[spoiler] ‘Porn Star’, ‘(I’m A) Rock Whore’, ‘Fucked By Rock and Roll’, ‘Down On Me’ – hardly song titles at the cutting edge of musical originality but, y’know what, Thunderfuck and the Deadly Romantics couldn’t give a toss – ethically, at least – and gawd bless them for it.

Staining the speakers with an old school production that fits the scuzzy, spunk-fuelled sound riot like a lubed glove, the band (of which there appears to have been many… ummm… members) dribbles a load of garage metal over the body of the stereo, while (vinegar) stroking the ears with a surprisingly shape-shifting amount of bad-ass glunk guitar flying solo all over the place.

Imagine that brief moment when W.A.S.P. were good and, apparently, dangerous, fucking like beasts, women on the rack, and smear it over the back catalogues of The Mentors, Macc Lads, Dwarves, Ted Nugent and Venom, adding a somewhat unhealthy amount of NWOBHM and a welcome stab or three of searing gutter punk ‘n’ roll geetar, and you have Thunderfuck and the Deadly Romantics. Despite tales of unhappy club owners and multiple post-gig banning orders, Thunderfuck and the Deadly Romantics still manage to find clubs willing to book them. This winter they will find themselves supporting aged glam neverdies Tigertailz; something tells me the sick sex won’t be reserved exclusively for the headliners.



1. Do You Wanna Rock and Roll
2. Starfucker
3. New York City
4. (I’m A) Rock Whore
5. Down On Me
6. Fucked By Rock and Roll
7. Obligatory Love Song
8. Porn Star
9. Scream My Name
10. All Look the Same
11. Ain’t Too Old (To Rock and Roll)
12. It’s Gonna Be Great
13. Fucked By Rock and Roll (Lounge Mix)


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Thunderfuck and the Deadly Romantics – Sexploitation (2014)

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