Every few years, a guitar-rock band comes around and is touted as the next big thing that will usher in a genre resurgence. While it might not end up being Kelowna BC quartet The Wild!, the band certainly plays like they want it. With their debut EP GxDxWxB, they apply their no-bullshit approach to riffing and partying hard, suggesting that they were weaned on a steady diet of Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, and ZZ Top. But it goes deeper than that.

“We take a huge influence from the blues… and I’m talking about the Delta blues that’s not really heard by a lot of people,” singer/guitarist Dylan Villian said in a press release. “But we’ve also got a punk attitude about this whole thing. That’s the thing about great punk rock: You’re not trying to do anything. You’re not overthinking it. You’re just doing it. It was the same with the old Delta bluesmen. They had conviction. They really meant what they were doing and so do we.”

It’s hard to argue with the results. Crank this EP up to 11.

01. Party ‘Til You’re Dead
02. Straight To Hell
03. Banger
04. Deuces
05. Slow Burn
06. What About You?
07. Roadhouse

Band Members:
Dylan Villain – vocals, guitar
Boozus – bass, vocals
Pistol Pete – guitar
Reese Lightning – drums

Additional Musicians:
Rice Honeywell – harmonica (4)
Christine Vos – guest vocals (5)
Shane Volk – backing vocals (5)
Ben Vanowerkerk – backing vocals (5)

Password: Plotn08


The Wild! – GxDxWxB (2015) EP

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