This was a live show for our 3rd album ‘Black Into The Blue’ smokin’ launch at Frankie’s Pizza in Sydney. If you haven’t been to Frankie’s then you are not in touch with Rock n Roll in this town…

‘When The Rain Has Come’
This is a song metaphorically speaking about rain washing away pain or washing away what it was that held oneself down or back from a true you. It was written by Simon & Tony down in the basement of his Dad’s house out in the Western Woods of Sydney where the album later was recorded.

It sits at track 8 on the record for no other reason than, it just felt right to put it there. It may have featured in a different position on a promo copy that circulated Europe in a press copy, but it was just that a press copy to get the engines warm in idol at about 900RPM before, flattening that pedal to the metal on the final copy of the record at Red Line. (Sorry for the tachometer reference, it’s in my blood)

1. Dreamcatcher
2. Suffers Me Gladly
3. Black into the Blue
4. Sweet Trouble
5. Words You Throw
6. Born
7. Where the Lights Burn Low
8. When the Rain Has Come
9. Wicked Servant
10. Making It up as We Go Along

Password: Plotn08


The Widowbirds – Black Into The Black 2015

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