The coolest glam-punk band that you’ve never heard. Guys that Bret Michaels felt his close friends and one night in the parking lot even reached out to them in a fight. The musicians, who needed only to change the image in order to gain much more popularity, but he did not want to fit into the framework and regulations of any styles. Those who looked latest bastards in the city, and sang about the extent to which they simultaneously cool, unfortunate and despicable. It was going to their concerts is the motley crowd of govnopankov and haerschikov to which it has not reached that 80s in the past, to transsexuals, drug dealers.

1. Something to Say
2. Junkulture
3. Board (Skatepunk)
4. Tomorrow (Original 1996 Version)
5. Blood in the Face
6. Freak
7. Accused
8. D.U.I. (Original 1996 Version)
9. Fight Back
10. Angry Youth
11. I Hate You (Owed to Sammy Serious 1994!)
12. American Dream
13. Riot
14. Getting By
15. Let’s Go
16. Mom
17. Hero
18. Famous
19. I’m Not Sorry
20. Dee Snider Radio
21. Knowledge
22. Bad Boys of Rock and Roll
23. I’ll Never Grow up…Now!
24. We’re Not Gonna Take It (Twisted Sister Cover)
25. Modern Youth (UltraX) (David Ivy & T.Odd)
26. Generation Strange (UltraX) (David Ivy & T.Odd)
27. Diarrhea Song (Chris Wilson & the Unflushables)
28. This Time (Chris Wilson & the Unflushables)
29. Snot Nosed Punk (Chris Wilson & the Unflushables)
30. Warriors (Xero1) (T.Odd)
31. Warriors (Xero1) (David Ivy Rock Re-Remix)
32. Warriors (Xero1) (David Ivy Electro Mix)
33. Teenage Anthem (Xero1) (T.Odd Demo)
34. Booze Brigade (T.Odd Digital Total Chaos Demo 2001)
35. Blackout (Chris Wilson & Satan’s Candy Machine)
36. Christmas on Mars (Xero1) (T.Odd)
37. Typical Addictions (T.Odd Digital Demo 2002)
38. Just Because (Chris Wilson & Satan’s Candy Machine)
39. F.U.n. (T.Odd Digital Demo 2003)
40. Defiant (Chris Wilson & Satan’s Candy Machine)
41. My Galaxy (Xero1) (T.Odd)
42. Street Soldiers (T.Odd Digital Demo 2002)
43. Tangles (Chris Wilson & Satan’s Candy Machine)
44. Last Day on Earth (Xero1) (T.Odd)
45. My Way (T.Odd Digital Demo 2003)
46. Ghosts in the Machine (Xero1) (T.Odd)
47. I Wanna (Bash Somebody’s Skull In) (Chris Wilson & Satan’s Candy Machine)
48. Is This the Future ? (Xero1) (T.Odd)
49. The Rejected (T.Odd Digital Total Chaos Demo 2002)
50. Nothing at All (Bowie X Demo, Bored Summer 2012)

Staci T. Odd – Vocals / Guitar
Chris Wilson – Bass / Vocals
Jamie Fonte – Drums
Flakey Starr – Drums


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The Mistakes – The Karate Kid Ain’t the Only Punk from Reseda – Collection Vol. 1 (2012)

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