1465133047_coverThe Guardian are a true / melodic metal band from Belgium. They came over to the UK on a short tour and played Birmingham where I purchased their new album. Entitled Lost World, the CD has 8 top quality power metal tunes and an atmospheric opening instrumental tune. A female fronted band with a singer more in the style of Doro Pesch rather than the usual death growls (Arch Enemy) or symphonic (Nightwish).

Watching them live before hearing the CD has helped me to get a handle on what they are all about. Sometimes watching a band live they play their songs a lot better than on CD as they are more energized and have played the material longer hence more adept at playing the songs. The studio experience can be a bit sterile and gives the chance to fix any timing issues. For those who have read some of my reviews you may have heard of my “one side of a C90 cassette” rule for great albums and LOST WORLD passes this test. Some band put their four of five best songs at the start of the album but oddly, on the songs get better from track 5 onwards. Sick and Tired would be a possible single if metal bands still released them. A perfect mix of old school metal with sounds that new modern style bands would love to have the chops to write. We Are The Guardian and We Will Rise are the best tracks on the album by far and sound like prime time Helloween with more bite. You can’t help but raise your fist in the air when these tracks are played and the songs will stick in your head. So far so good but there is something odd. There is not one guitar solo on the album. I didn’t notice at first but once there were some extended instrumental parts I realised. This may be a bad thing to some, others may say why add a guitar solo, just concentrate on the song.
Overall a splendid slice of European metal with lots of heaviness but enough melody. Uplifting tunes and even a track about Atlantis.

01. Intro
02. Lost World
03. Destroy
04. City in Ruins
05. Sick & Tired
06. We Are TheGuardian
07. We Will Rise
08. The Weak
09. Monsters of the Deep


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The Guardian – Lost World (2016)

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