Grandiose project…

14 songs of pure no bollocks rock and metal, and literally all we could possibly fit on an audio CD in 2013!! The Feckers are a worldwide union of rock, with members in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Norway, Indonesia, England, Russia and more.

1. Lay It On The Line – ft Roy Bratbakken & Irene Slade
2. Master Of My Own Destiny – ft Roy Bratbakken
3. Minus – ft Roy Bratbakken
4. Under The Gun – ft Roy Bratbakken
5. The Keys To The Kingdom – ft Rob Smith
6. A Better World – ft Chandler Mogel
7. Unleash the Beast – ft Irene Slade
8. Nothing That A Bullet Wouldn’t Fix – ft Roy Bratbakken
9. Ours – ft Richard Anderson & Chris Szkup
10. A Soldier’s Fortune – ft Rob Smith
11. I Don’t Wanna Fight – ft Irene Slade
12. Out Of Your Mind – ft Alexy Spectre
13. Never Say Never – ft Roy Bratbakken
14. Slackers & Wankers (Dedicated To…) – ft The Feckers & The Feckerinas

“A Soldier’s Fortune” is dedicated in memory of Richard William Hall

Chris Szkup – Musical & Lyrical Composition, Vocals, Backing Vocals, Electric + Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Hand Claps
Richard Anderson – Lyrical & Musical Composition, Vocals, Backing Vocals, S & W Rant
Dennis Leeflang – Drums on all songs except “Ours”, Engineering, Mixing, Artist Consultation + Good Vibes
Matt Szkup – Backing Vocals, Bass, Electric Guitar Solos, Handclaps, Additional Drums on “A Soldier’s Fortune”
Ponch Satrio – Electric Guitar Solos on “Minus” & “Lay It On The Line”
Paul Jolley – Keyboards, Organ, Piano
Roy Bratbakken – Vocals, Boozing & More Vocals
Chandler Mogel – Vocals & Lyrical Composition
Irene Slade – Vocals, Backing Vocals, Hand Claps
Rob Smith – Vocals, Backing Vocals, Electric Guitar Solos, Engineering
Steve Hacker – Carnivorous Organ & Piano
Alexey Spectre – Vocals
Aisha Polat & Jennifer Leeflang (The Feckerina’s) – Backing Vocals

Lyris Hung – Strings on “Ours” & “A Better World”
Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal – Electric Guitar Solos on “Minus”
Tommy Denander – Electric Guitar Solos on “Unleash the Beast”
Edo van der Kolk – Electric Guitar Solo on “Unleash the Beast”
Pat Valley – Electric Guitar Solos on “Under the Gun”
Matteo Bucca – Electric Guitar Solos on “A Better World”

Password: Plotn08


The Feckers – It’d Be Rude Not To (2013)

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