It is difficult to form a tribute band and achieve make a name, and avoid being imitation meat. Pretending to be your idols is easy and comforting, but get quality technique in which a group can be recognized and identified under its name as a tribute group recommended,and comparable with the original scenario, it is hard difficult. Is to make a show offer comparable and recognizable, with infinitely smaller budget than the original, and without falling into being puppets or participants Menudas Stars. Charisma own playing under the skin and gestures of another musician is something to live up to few tribute bands. I can think of God Save The Queen (Queen tribute), Abbey Road (The Beatles clones), Please (U2) … But, to my knowledge, none has reached the point of burning a disc.

The Bon Scott Band does dare to challenge, and his album is not limited to be a recording of topics of their revered AC / DC. The Bon Scott Band is about to rock in Castilian, responding with his songs to the question “How would sound played by the state rock AC / DC?”. In response, inquire over state rock history in a very appropriate selection includes mythical twelve groups: Platero and You, Roadblock, Howitzer, Tequila, Leno, Tide, Miguel Rios, Coz, Burning, The Softies , Wizard of Oz and Red Baron.

[spoiler]The result is a past that will delight every fan of ACDC or the state rock. In the first, to hear something that could well be singing in Castilian Australians. In the second, to hear such mythical themes as “Yes sir, yes sir” renewed and more energetic than ever. To those who like both, the disk can reach us in danger of wetting your pants.Wink is aimed at several of the original performers of the topics singing his songs cut by the pattern of Bon Scott. So we see a desgañitado Boni in “No Truce” (one of the original versions of the disc), a Fortu, the Piñas and Kolibrí, a Sherpa, Mohamed (Wizard of Oz).Some of the items already in its original version sounded very acedecianos. We refer to songs like “There is little Rock and Roll” by Platero and you, the “Sexiest” or “My Name Is Rock And Roll” from Wizard of Oz. Come on, it’s much easier this topic Mägo versioning to make a Pagan Festival near AC / DC. But the glib versions are the least: Version eye Pins (Marea) or The Rockers go to Hell (Red Baron), because they change radically the original ones, the Red Baron, including Sherpa, sounds at a rate close She’s Got to The Jack. Or Tequila versioning under the skin of Bon Scott and the thing’s that powerful left resultona. Interestingly, not been limited to choosing the single best known of each band. Was it a long way to the top for adjusting rock out songs like “Dangerous Mary”, but the result was worth it.

As a bonus-track exploits the band to also include its own theme-Enjoy-it was already ringing for some time.


01. Hay Poco Rock N Roll (Platero y Tu)
02. No Hay Tregua (Barricada)
03. Dinero Dinero (Obus)
04. Me Vuelvo Loco (Tequila)
05. Si Senor Si Senor (Leno)
06. Mas Sexy (Coz)
07. Alfileres (Marea)
08. Generacion Limite (Miguel Rios)
09. Mueve Tus Caderas (Burning)
10. Peligrosa Maria (Los Suaves)
11. Mi Nombre Es Rock N Roll (Mago de Oz)
12. Los Rockeros Van Al Infierno (Baron Rojo)

Password: Plotn08



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