Band Ten Seconds (feat. Robert Fripp)
Info: Ten Seconds
Info: Ten Seconds
Style: Progressive Rock/Experimental
Years: 1996
Info: APE (image+.cue, scans)
Rip By: sheloshim
Info: 334 Mb


1. PQ Alpha
2. Realside
3. Last Three Minutes, 1
4. Nightwebs
5. Zerophase
6. Can’t Hold Back the Dawn
7. No Way to Paradise
8. Last Three Minutes, 2
9. Worlds Beyond Worlds
10. Realside [Video Mix]

Ten Seconds:

Jeffrey Fayman – keyboards
Bill Forth – guitar, voice
Mark Craney – drums
Robert Fripp – guitar, soundscapes
Jimmy Hawes – bass
Jac Mihanivic – bass
William Rieflin – drums
Steven Scott Smalley – keyboards


Password: vasval

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