New delivery of the Galician Talesien (fourth album but I’m wrong) and a new step forward in the career of these musicians. Continue their melodic metal with progressive touches, with a spectacular sound by Carlos Santos in the recording and mixing and Mika Jussila in studies Finnnvoxen mastering. It shows that have contrasted with professionals, which together with his undoubted quality as musicians results in this fantastic new job.

As I said before, Talesien move in the field of melodic metal, usually very elaborate structures with abundant presence of keyboards (composed and recorded by Manuel Ramil former Warcry) and where the voice of singer moves in trying midtones to convey feeling and just going at times.

The album begins with the instrumental “Metamorphosis”, which from the outset give good faith of all the features mentioned above and making it very clear from the outset that musicians are not exactly crippled. Continue with “No Man’s Land,” which begins with a guitar riff adorned with a keyboard, voice tones usually sings comfortable for the singer and the presence of abundant choruses, a component that remains to be seen as defending live . To highlight a slow part towards the middle of the song with nice guitar solo and worked. Continue to “Tell the World” for me the best of the album without a doubt. Start with a livelier pace, but has plenty of changes throughout the song, and P. Javier García demanding more from your voice. A note also the lyrics, steeped in a very positive message.

Now comes the ballad of the album, “My other half”, beginning with guitar and keyboard just before entering the other instruments. Good topic, but below the average of the disc, especially the chorus where the vocal line is perhaps a little forced.

“Amnesia” opens with a guitar and keyboard intro where they split the role during the song parts combining cadent and heavy with the more melodic, taking over the latter role. When we arrived at “Future Imperfect” we find one of the most complex and technical sections in the music department, with all musicians showcasing some time for your personal, and very melodic vocals.

The last song with lyrics is “At the risk.” Subject very quiet at first and where the voice moves above the mattress that offers the low in much of the subject, with the other instruments taking greater role at times. Like the previous, very melodic theme.

And finally “When we look inside,” two-minute instrumental piece by piano and guitar to close the disc and leave us wanting more.


En tierra de nadie
Dile al mundo
Mi otra mitad
Futuro Imperfecto
Cuando miramos dentro


Iñigo Uribe: Teclado
P.Javier García: Voz y coros
Anxo Silveira: Batería
Nano Vikendi: Guitarra
Juan Carlos Cotelo: Guitarra
Sergio Pérez: Bajo


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TALESIEN – El Silencio 2012

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