With a mixture of “High Noon” and “Terminator” and “Total Recall,” begins the debut of Norwegian SUICIDE BOMBERS. The intro “History Is About To Begin” offers 4 intergalactic superstars who were sent back from the future to the present, to show us, will be rocked like. OK, actually, we do not need anyone from the future, because there are so plenty of great bands, but let’s not be so time and give your visitors a chance.

And the kamikaze pilots start with “Let’s rock and roll” and quite clearly in their official debut. Fat sound, cool voice of Chris Damien Doll, lots of big choruses and a mood that make it easy to drink and party invites. “Easy Access” is a midtempo song with great hooks far from a security number. “Napalm Heart” has a little more punk flair and “Smoke & Mirrors” reveals almost an AOR side of Sweden. But this is at “High On Explosives” and “Electric Fire” just forget. “Bombers En Vogue” is another highlight of this criminally good record. Leg Heavy riffs with the above-mentioned advantages have been a dry eye. Anyone who thinks that “Cindy” must be a ballad that has not reckoned with the SUICIDE BOMBERS, for such superfluous stuff is even less time on this disc. 2 more songs spits us the quartet from Oslo before the feet and then time for a summary.

“Criminal Record” is really a great surprise and makes one suddenly realized what a great year 2012 is when it comes to rock and roll after all. And even though we no longer get stuck in the middle of the 80s lives on the scene. Whether in Norway or elsewhere – it just became less fans. But there are still great bands, and that includes the SUICIDE BOMBERS: Chris Damien Doll (v., g), who also wrote all the songs, Lazy Leather (g), and for the graphic layout of the CD of the web site responsible is James Nero (b.) and T-Bone (d). “Criminal” Record “is a very strong debut that is full of strength and confidence. Well done boyz! “… Over and motherfucking out!”

1. Trailer: History Is About to Begin
2. Let’s Rock’n’roll
3. Easy Access
4. Napalm Heart
5. This Time Tomorrow
6. Smoke & Mirrors
7. High On Explosives
8. Electric Fire
9. Bombers en Vogue
10. Teenage Breakdown
11. Cindy
12. Princess Socialite
13. Riot
14. Outro:.. Over & Motherfucking Out! [Explicit]


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SUICIDE BOMBERS – Criminal Record 2012

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