frontSUE’S IDOL is an American Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band from Las Vegas, Nevada USA. Founding members Dan Dombovy (guitars) and Shane Wacaster (vocals/drums) each have an impressive history in the business as players. producers, and artist management.  After a long hiatus, the pair finally sat down again to kick some ideas around resulting in Hypocrites and Mad Prophets. After a warm reception from newfound fans around the globe, the writing team forged into new, heavier territory with Six Sick Senses.

Due to the album’s larger ambition, heavy artillery was brought onboard, in the form of bass guitar by long-time low end merchant Steve Habeck, synth and piano by the critically acclaimed Mitch DeMatoff, and the infernal maestro himself Toby Knapp sharing lead guitar duties. Enlisting renowned artist JP Fournier for the cover art and handing mastering duties to the mighty Zeuss, Six Sick Senses is set to hit the shelves in February 2016. Momentum notwithstanding, the pair have confirmed eleven new songs already written for the follow-up to Six Sick Senses. If you like Six Sick Senses, you’ll be blown away by what’s to come!

01. Six Sick Senses
02. DMO
03. Halls of Mourning
04. Scion Pariah
05. Kill or Be Killed
06. Luna Sees
07. Metal Octane
08. Gears of War
09. Taste This Evil
10. A Minor Requiem
11. Lady Painted Death

Password: Plotn08



Sue’s Idol – Six Sick Senses (2016)

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