2002’s Restoration was the band’s third release, and may be their best overall album. Street Talk took everything that worked on Transition and made it that much better here. Edman sounds perfect as expected, and even gets an assist on two tracks by former Valentine/Open Skyz singer Hugo. There’s a bit more punch on this album, though it’s still as smooth as AOR gets.
And the sillier lyrical elements have been dialed back a bit on Restoration. MelodicRock’s reissue of Restoration features new cover artwork, the Japanese bonus track “After the Tears” and eight additional bonus demo, rough mix and instrumental tracks. Again, it’s the Japanese bonus track that’s the real highlight of the bonus material.

1. Give Me a Reason
2. Hare and Hounds
3. Language of Love
4. Tables Turning
5. Dancer in the Rain
6. A Place in the Sun
7. My Heart Beats For You
8. Forever By Your Side
9. In the Arms of Love
10. Why Is My Heart Feeling Lonely Tonight
11. After the Tears
12. Why Is My Heart Feeling Lonely Tonight (demo)
13. Forever By Your Side (demo)
14. Till the End of Time (demo)
15. Language of Love (rough mix)
16. Dancer in the Rain (rough mix)
17. Tables Turning (rough mix)
18. A Place in the Sun (instrumental)
19. Why Is My Heart Feeling Lonely Tonight (instrumental)

Goran Edman (v)
Hugo (v) (Restoration only)
Fredrik Bergh (k) (v)
Sven Larsson (g)
Mikael Berner (b) (Transition only)
Bjorn Lodmark (b)
Christian Johansson (d)

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Street Talk – Restoration [Reissue] (2015)

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