Strangelet“First Bite” is the debut album by this German hard rock act. Strangelet hails from Heilbronn, Southern Germany and consists of Stefan Zoern on vocals, Tobias Eurich on guitars, Jonas Kuemmerle on keys and piano, Finn Janetzky on bass and Jessica Stuart on drums. Their style is based on U.S. late 80’s hard rock filled with big and loud vocals, nice guitars and hard hitting drums. Plus to the above some catchy enough hooks and choruses and there you have a very promising band.

1. Privilege Of Power
2. Nothing
3. Tainted
4. Pray To Break
5. Stillborn
6. Snakebite
7. Hell & Back
8. Touch The Sky
9. Catching Fire
10. All That’s Left
11. Hiding Star

Strangelet Band
Line Up:

Stefan Zörner (vocals)
Tobias Eurich (all guitars)
Jonas Kümmerle (keyboards, talk box)
Finn Janetzky (bass, background vocals)
Jessica Stuart (drums)

Guest Musicians:
Nicole Gessner (vocals – #5,10)
Chris Aldinger (vocals – #8)
Markus Ullrich (guitar solo – #1)
Andreas Ullmer (harp – #7)
Alex Noe (bass – #7)

Password: Plotn08


STRANGELET – First Bite 2014

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