StormZone - Seven Sins 2015Stormzone’s ficticious champion ‘The Dealer’ has returned in their anticipated album, Seven Sins, released on 3rd August 2015 by Metal Nation Recordings. Seven Sins is arguably the most ambitious project from the Stormers since they were first ‘caught in the act’ in 2007. The violin intro offers a false promise of melodic calm, before the storm of sinners, musical power and imagery.

The guitar work drives the album forward at every opportunity, bursting through a sinful land of ‘The Dealer’, ‘Bathsheba’, the damned and other misfits cursed or lucky enough to journey through the Stormzone universe.

Seven Sins isn’t a massive reinvention from the band, although it’s not immediately recognisable after you press play. It has enough difference to stand solid and be a constantly enjoyable album, but not that different that the influences from power metal and rock bands past are missed.

This is still Stormzome at their darkest and most creative. I fell power fist first into their world of spellbinding rock compositions with imaginative lyrics, memorable riffs and infectious choruses and I can’t help but like where it takes me. Seven Sins demands attention, giving an inevitable build to anthemic scream-a-long chorus for the perfect sinner and damned alike. ‘I Know Your Pain’ crushes together Stormzone‘s aggressive power and creative style that gives this album a dangerous edge. The band have managed to concentrate on each of their talents and created a concept recording that doesn’t ignore the art of song-writing or the heavy metal template of world eating confidence.

They have developed an impressive hybrid of power metal that reflects their influences and previous recordings, but with a clever cinematic vision and slight prog rock flavour that adds a taste of fantasy and fire-side story telling that could make Seven Sins the most memorable Stormzone album to date.

01. Bathsheba
02. Another Rainy Night
03. Your Time Has Come
04. The One That Got Away
05. I Know Your Pain
06. Seven Sins
07. You’re Not the Same
08. Raise the Knife
09. Abandoned Souls
10. Special Brew
11. Master of Sorrow
12. Born of the Damned

John “Harv” Harbinson – vocals
Steve Moore – guitars
Davy Bates – drums
Graham McNulty – bass

Password: Plotn08


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StormZone – Seven Sins 2015

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