1461690165_1461677318_coverStorm Seeker, founded in 2013, plays Pirate/Folk Metal with extraordinary instruments like cello and hurdy gurdy. After over 30 successful concert in different cities in German, the band just released their first EP Pirate Scum via Aeterna Records.

In the meantime, following a few changes in the line-up, there is a very well attuned formation with Marius Bornfleth (drums), Timo Bornfleth (vocals, bass), Sandra Schmitt (cello, backing vocals), Patricia Büchler (hurdy gurdy, vocals, flutes), Tim Braatz (keyboard) and Patrick Stäudle (guitars, backing vocals). Although the musicians are just 18 to 24 years of age, they convince musically as well as with fine compositions and detailed arrangements, in which untypical instruments like hurdy gurdy and cello not only accompany but lead the songs. Both vocalists Timo and Patricia are never alone on stage with their voices because almost every song has sophisticated arrangements for several voices, animating – not only the die-hard fans – to sing along. Apart from all cheerfulness Storm Seeker is also capable of producing more melancholic sounds and therefore creates a unique balance between party mood and musical demanding parts.

1. Destined Course
2. Side By Side
3. Jack
4. The Longing
5. Chop The Head Off
6. Sail With Us


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Storm Seeker – Pirate Scum (2016) EP

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