Ah the 80’s, these hardos denim and leather jackets with patches, studded bracelets … thug attitudes sometimes. At that time, some did not hesitate to want to get into festivals with click-stops, the security service had a job … The biggest racketeering in the corner from the young fan in concert TRUST: either cooperate, or he took his legs around his neck. In France Festival, one of the singers (one of ROCK ATTACK perhaps?) Went to a member of the security (my father in this case) to seek to calm the kids in the pit, he was afraid they break the sound ironic for these hard rockers who preached the folly and destruction. At this same France Festival 1985, occurred the group SQUARE, perfecto and long hair, perfect combo representative of the time, all the ingredients were present in their music,perfectly caricatured, but highly effective. SQUARE but could not live his dream for a long time, and failed to release a second album. Over 20 years later, a second chance was offered them: again the Metal France Festival in the late evening of a locomotive in January 2008, memorable concert. That evening, SQUARE, which is now attached to the adverb STILL legal reasons, made everyone agrees: it was the best show of the festival. The public response was equivocal, and what should have been a one shot became a true reformation.

[spoiler]So it is with 25 years behind us SQUARE STILL delivers his second album. Mixing of the compounds of the time and other more recent SQUARE STILL shows that it has done that time passes. No we are not in 2010, we are still in 1985. The time is at the Hard Rock, Heavy crossbred with the German (these melodic instrumental passages), the chorus should be simple and effective, repeated in chorus by all zicos, up vocal harmonies. When the singer Guy Hoc takes us for a walk in the “Haunted Mansion”, it is hard not to want to raise his fist and shouting the chorus along with him. Same listen to “Witch” and his great lustful thoughts, or when the group tells us the end of the world in “Condemned”. No mind work here, not pseudo-philosophical lyrics of two balls. We love the simple things in life: drinking whiskey while listening to AC / DC, or wallow like slugs on the sofa watching a boxing match on TV … We pretended to be hardos tough guy, but in Basically, it is true artichoke hearts that are unable to accept that we dropped our friend. It whines about the arpeggios of a syrupy ballad passages whose electrical remind us that we have espoused the cause of Metal, this is silly, as we might have even passed yet deep within us, we are receptive to This simple text evoking a conquest of an evening.

STILL SQUARE Assen we unequivocally to the old riffs. The sound is correspondingly high, clear and unadorned. The guitars do not forget to be melodic, they leave regularly for a ride to the third. This music dépote it is ideal for the hard to wake up, put in the car thoroughly before going to taf, enough to motivate us. Some would we deal with corny, old Jerk, they fuck! SQUARE STILL go see in concert, more than 40 years, these guys give off a fucking energy … Guy Hoc sings as if he was 20 years old, goes public in the pocket, acts like a real pro, as if it had always been there. Not really, nothing has changed between 1985 and 2010. The same are still there. They decided to continue to dream and so do we, no matter that there is a handful to support them as it allows them to be on stage. This disc does not give me one wish: to take my guitar and play riffs of AC / DC or ACCEPT, have fun, headbanging alone in my room, I imagine on stage playing the music I love I saw a dream by proxy and STILL SQUARE helps me. That’s the music: escape, dream, and also sometimes a way to forget the hard times …


STILL SQUARE is therefore an era. “Let The Dream” over the status of mere good album. Because these guys have the experience of their age but also the enthusiasm of their lost youth. No, SQUARE STILL is not like some of these more technical French groups that seek to match on their home turf groups of U.S. hard. The Parisians remain European in their approach: smaller but much more effective and engaging.

01Passe ton chemin
02Manoir hanté
04Pour dieu et le roi
06Vierge ou sorcière
07Laissez-les rêver
08Crazy Trucker
09Maîtresse d’un soir
10Le titre

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STILL SQUARE – Laissez-les Rêver (2010)

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