coverSome bands treat their debut studio albums as a tentative step in their recording career whilst others go for the throat. Thankfully, County Kildare based quartet Stereo Nasty have taken the latter option with Nasty By Nature.  Early promise was shown by a three track EP just over a year ago (which has been re-recorded and included on the album). The 80’s metal vibe is still showing with all ten tracks featuring some seismic riffs to get even the most ardent emo fan headbanging, point proven by the Accept like riffs of opener ‘Black Widow‘.

It’s crunching main riff from Adrian Foley sets the standard high from the start, topped off with a Blackie Lawless style snarl from Mick Mahon. Other highlights are ‘Holy Terror’ with it’s riff reminding me of ‘Action’ by the Sweet but the song thrashes along like a mid paced Destruction with Mick delivering a Schmier like barked vocal.

‘Interstellar’ has a chugging NWOBHM style riff that dominates on an ‘Orgasmatron’ like groove. Album highlight for me is following track ‘The Fear’ , a true headbanger with some crashing AC/DC like chords in the verses as a melodic break midway is a calm before the storm guitar solo. The aptly titled ‘Death Machine’ is the fastest track of the ten with some turbo charged rhythms and the pace is brought down by the commercially heavy ‘In The Blood’. The three EP tracks close Nasty By Nature in fine style, the pick of the trio being ‘Under Her Spell’ which contains the most intense riff on the album which will stay in your head for days and a tasty wah-wah solo midway will keep the air guitarists happy.

01. Black Widow
02. Holy Terror
03. Interstellar
04. The Fear
05. Out of the Fire
06. Death Machine
07. In the Blood
08. Under Her Spell
09. Warriors
10. Demon Halo

Mick Mahon – Vocals
Adrian Foley – Guitars
Fran Moran – Drums
Rud Holohan – Bass

Password: Plotn08


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Stereo Nasty – Nasty By Nature (2015)

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