State Cows – to me was a revelation and maybe for someone they too will like. We can recommend fans of the CHICAGO, L. A. COWBOYS, AIRPLAY…


1. I’ve Changed
2. New York Town
3. Come To the Point
4. Stella By the Barlight
5. Mystery Jane
6. Painting a Picture
7. Tunison Nights
8. Looney Gunman
9. Riding This Highway
10. No Man’s Land
11. Lost in a Mind Game

Daniel Andersson – vocals, guitar
Stefan Olofsson – keyboards, vocals

Fredrik Lundgren – Guitars
Peter Olofsson – Drums
Peter Fredlander – Drums
Stefan ”Kilju” Lindholm – Bass
Mikael Emsing – Percussion
Pär Wretling, Olle Lindberg, Markus Asplund – Horns
Marcuz Granberg – Backing vocals
Christian Thomsen – Backing vocals

Jay Graydon – Guitar solo (New York town)
Peter Holmqvist – Guitar solo (Come to the point)
Mikael Sandström – Guitar solo (Stella by the barlight)
Petri Kivimäki – Sax solo (Looney gunman)
Göran Turborn – Guitar solo (Lost in a mind game)

Password: Plotn08



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