Stan Meissner – Canadian guitarist, composer and lyricist, who worked at different times of his nearly thirty-year career with musicians such as Eric Clapton, Lee Aaron, Lara Fabian, Eddie Money, Lee Ann Womack, Ricochet, Farmer’s Daughter, Blaise Pascal, Rita Coolidge, BJ Thomas, Alias, Triumph, Darby Mills, Nancy Martinez, Peter Pringle, Toronto.

1983 Dangerous Games
1. I Need Your Love
2. Hide The Night Away
3. Can’t Let Go
4. Once Over
5. Rebel Heart
6. No Turning Back
7. You Make It All So Easy
8. Heart Of The Fire
9. Walk Out Of My Life
10. At The Water
11. Renegade
12. Walking In The Dark

Produced by Stan Meissner and Fred Mollin

Stan Meissner – Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Paul Daiter – Bass
Jorn Andersen – Drums
Fred Mollin – Percussion
Shelby Daniel – Additional Vocal on ‘I Need Your Love’

Basic tracks recorded at Manta Sound by John Naslen, assisted by Ron Searles
All overdubs recorded at The Wychwood Studio by Stan Meissner
Additional recording at Eastern Sound by Peter Mann and Mike Baskerville
and Skyline Studios, N.Y.C. by Stan Meissner
Mixed at The Power Station N.Y.C. by Scott Litt assisted by Garry Rindfuss

1986 Windows to Light
1. I Want Everything
2. One Chance
3. Heart Of Ice
4 . Wild And Blue
5. I Can’t Break Away From You
6. Lifeline
7. I’ll Wait For You
8. Coming Out Of Nowhere
9. Walk The Line
10. Endless Ride
11. Counting On Love
12. Hold Me

Produced by Stan Meissner

Stan Meissner – Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Peter Cardinali – Bass
Mike Sloski – Drums on ‘Heart of Ice’, ‘Counting on Love’ & ‘Hold Me’
Kevan McKenzie – Drums on ‘Lifeline’, ‘I Can’t Break From You’ & ‘Walk The Line’
S. M. – Drums on ‘Wild and Blue’, ‘I’ll Wait For You’, & ‘Endless Ride’
Rob Yale – Fairlight Programming on ‘I Want Everything’, ‘One Chance’ & ‘Coming Out Of Nowhere’

Additional Keyboards – Steve Hunter
Bass on ‘Wild and Blue’ – Anton Evans
Piano Solo on ‘I’ll Wait For You’ – Steve MacKinnon
Sax Solo on ‘I Can’t Break Away From You’ – Bert Hermiston
Strings on ‘Hold Me’ – Arranged by Peter Cardinali
Additional Vocal on ‘Wild and Blue’ – Peter Fredette
Associate Producer – Fred Mollin

Recorded at The Wychwood Studio. Engineered by Stan Meissner

Basic tracks for ‘Heart of Ice’, ‘Counting on Love’ & ‘Hold Me’
Recorded at Le Studio, Morin Heights.
Engineered by Paul Northfield. Assisted by Frank Opolko.
Additional recording at Manta Sound.
Engineered by Gary Gray & Andy Hermant, assisted by Mike Duncan.

Mixed at Le Studio, Morin Heights by Paul Northfield,
Assisted by Robert DiGioia & Frank Opolko.
Additional mixing at Metal Works by Ed Stone and The Wychwood Studio by Stan Meissner.

Original Disc Mastering by Mike Reese at The Mastering Lab, Hollywood, CA.
Digitally Re-mastered by George Graves at Lacquer Channel.

1992 Undertow
1. It’s No Secret (3:34)
2. River Of Fire (4:29)
3. No Way Out (3:31)
4. Someone Like You (4:32)
5. If It Takes All Night (4:42)
6. Shelter In The Heart (4:57)
7. Day After Day (4:05)
8. When I Look In Your Eyes (4:55)
9. I Don’t Believe It’s Over (5:26)
10. The Lucky One (4:15)

Produced by Stan Meissner

Stan Meissner – all vocals & instruments, except
Peter Cardinali – bass on “Someone Like You”, “If It Takes All Night”, “Shelter In The Heart” & “Day After Day”
Pat Perez – soprano sax on “River Of Fire”
John Panchyshyn – sax solo on “If It Takes All Night”
Carl Dixon – background vocals on “It’s No Secret” & “I Don’t Believe It’s Over”
Terry Crawford – background vocals on “River Of Fire” & “Shelter In The Heart”
Lori Yates – background vocals on “Shelter In The Heart”

Produced and Engineered by Stan Meissner at the Wychwood Studio, Toronto
Assisted by Rags Schnauzer

Mixed by John Naslen at Manta Sound, Toronto assisted by John ‘Wheels’ Hurlbut, John Rodd & Brad Haehnel

Additional mixing by Mark Linett at Your Place Or Mine, Glendale, CA and by Stan Meissner at The Wychwood Studio

Mastered by Doug Sax at The Mastering Lab, Los Angeles, CA

Art Direction, Design and a little extra tension by Linda Kozlowski for WHAT? Graphics
Photography by Chris Chapman

1999 The Power of the Night (as Metropolis)
1. Wild & Blue
2. The Darkest Side Of The Night
3. Never Look Back
4. Walk Through The Fire
5. Restless Moon
6. A Million Miles Away
7. Whatever It Is
8. The Eyes Of Love
9. The Best Is Good Enough
10.Runnin’ After A Dream
11.The Power Of The Night

Produced by Stan Meissner

Peter Fredette: Vocals, Bass
Stan Meissner: Guitars, Keyboards, Drums

Recorded and Mixed at The Wychwood Studio
Engineered by Stan Meissner assisted by Rags Schnauzer and Peter Fredette
Mastered by Nick Blagona at MetalWorks Mastering

Photography by Rob Weyman
Art Direction and Design by Patrick Duffy


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