Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Japan
Year: 1993-1998

1993 – Sly (192kbs)
1995 – Dreams of Dust (320kbs)
1996 – Key (320kbs)
1998 – Vulcan Wind (192kbs)

SLY members:

Munetaka Higuchi(Dr)
The drummer of SLY. Debut as the drummer of a band called LAZY in 1978. After he left LAZY, he formed LOUDNESS with Akira Takasaki. Higuchi left LOUDNESS in 1993 and formed SLY right after that.

Shinichiro Ishihara(G)
SLY’s guitarist. He played in EARTHSHAKER which was formed with Minoru Niihara in 1978 and debuted in 1983. Although EARTHSHAKER was a big band that they could play in Nippon Budokan, they were eventually broken up because Ishihara left the band. Then he joined SLY in 1993.

Minoru Niihara(Vo)
The vocalist of SLY. Like said above, he joined EARTHSHAKER with Shinichiro Ishihara and played bass guitar and sang at that time. After he left the band, he participated in LOUDNESS as a vocalist in 1981. After he left LOUDNESS in 1990, he started his solo project called DED CHAPLIN. After that he joined SLY in 1993.

Koichi Terasawa(B)
Former bassist for BLIZZARD. Little else known at this time.


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