Sin 4 Sin (4 Ep & Single)

Sin 4 Sin has amassed a loyal following since their inception in 2009. Taking influences from Motley Crue, Buckcherry, and Skid Row, the band’s sound is unique with blazing guitars and soaring vocals unparalleled to any current modern rock trend. Sin 4 Sin’s live show is championed by vocalist Brandon Hayden, drawing all of the attention in the room with wild stage antics, anthem style lyrics and a powerful voice. Lead Guitarist Chuck Stiletto’s innocent smile forces a guilty pleasure on an unsuspecting audience with infectiously sleazy guitar licks. The rhythm and bass section are held together by Billy Williams and Dustin “Chain” Saw with drummer Dan Toal behind the drivers set. Sin 4 Sin has played with many national acts this past year, sharing the stage with Adler’s Appetite, Charm City Devils, Vains of Jenna, ZO2, L.A. Guns, and George Lynch. The band has been seen in print in nearly every local Baltimore media outlet, as well as being a featured artist on countless web-radio shows and rock segments, and can currently be heard on WIYY Baltimore, WQXA Harrisburg, WWDC-FM Washington DC, and XTSR Towson radio stations.

2010 – 7 Deadly (EP)(© 2010 Sin 4 Sin)(256)
2011 – Arrest Me! (EP)(© 2011 Sin 4 Sin)(320)
2013 – Good 4 The Body (EP)(© 2013 Sin 4 Sin)(320)
2013 – Through the Night (Single)(© 2013 Sin 4 Sin)(320)]
Brandon Hayden – vocals
Griff Callahan – guitar
Billy Williams – bass
Chain Saw – drums

Sin 4 Sin (4 Ep & Single) – 2010 – 2013, mp3

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