frontSHOTGUN JUSTICE have founded in Peine of 2003. After several sampler contributions and appearances at small festivals such as the “Break The Ground” at the nearby Ahnsbeck, now follows the first album “State Of Desolation”. The Niedersachsen arrange themselves the Old School Heavy Metal, but unlike other bands of this style also foreign influences into their sound are noticing that for each Trveheimer should be bearable but still.

The album begins with a one-minute intro that leads into ‘Blood For Blood’, a song that’s scream along for is predestined. ‘Blessed With Fire’ and ‘Nothing to Fear’ strike in the same line. After that it is experimental. With ‘Nemesis (Global Killer)’ controls one of more melodic climes, in ‘The Scales Of Justice’ come Bongos used. The album starts with the final sprint ‘Forsaken’, where you tried oriental influences. At the next ‘Harvest The Storm’ spice up the Niedersachsen its Heavy with Thrash and the last track ‘State Of Desolation’ comes with Doom-bonds to the finish. That sounds great if it were not for one problem: The sound. Guitars and drums are too thin, the bass is barely audible and the song is not toxic enough. There are of course a few deductions.

Thus, “State Of Desolation” a surprising debut, which knows how to please its diversity. SHOTGUN JUSTICE have shown that not all the new bands are rigidly trapped in her retro scheme, but also try to enrich their sound with new influences. This tape should be kept in mind.

1. Proclamation of War
2. Blood for Blood
3. Blessed with Fire
4. Nothing Left to Fear
5. Nemesis (A Global Killer)
6. The Scales of Justice
7. Head Full of Bullets
8. Forsaken
9. Harvest the Storm
10. State of Desolation

Marco Kräft: vocals
Erik Dembke: guitar
Kai Brennecke: guitar
Tom Schubert: bass
Tobias Gross: drums

Password: Plotn08


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Shotgun Justice – State of Desolation (2016)

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