Whether you call it hard rock, cock rock, melodic rock, pop-metal, glam or sleaze, Shotgun Alley can be named one of New Zealand’s hottest rock bands to make their mark In the Kiwi Music Industry. Shotgun Alley, formally known as Suicide Boulevard formed in late Janurary 2009 by Davie Love and Scotty Rocker (the band’s lead guitarist and drummer respectively). Summed up by Rocker ‘’The name just reminded me of cowboy boots, girls, jack & rock n roll.’’ The band are based in Auckland, New Zealand and their intent is to reach not only a national, but global audience, with support from their new management, The Brat Agency.

[spoiler]Their dynamic sound can be described as a combination of music legends such as Guns N Roses, Skid Row, Motley Crue, Poison, Alice Cooper and Van Halen. (Josh Betty – bassist) says the bands sound comes from a diverse range of influences. ‘’The formula for us is us. There’s RJ Kairua and Scotty Rocker who grew up with all the 80’s rock/glam bands. Then there’s Dave Wong and Bahador Borhani who are into a bit of everything from Westlife to heavy métal.’’ ‘’My biggest inspiration towards our sound would be Skid Row, which came out the year I was born… I bring in a lot of heavy and melodic sounds.’’ (Bahador – guitarist). Jimmy Wong brings his youthful pop influence into the mix, and ‘’…the songs just come out like that. But yeah our focus is the older sounding rock.’’

From all of these ecclectic musical influences comes a very unique sound, which is only enhanced by the collective band history, which includes: Streetwise Scarlet, False Start, Cold By Winter, Awaiting The Storm and Slide. Dave Wong from False Start history includes two album releases and various tours through out New Zealand and Australia. Scotty Rocker began his career as a tech, touring Europe with rock punk act ‘Sommerset’ to return to join Auckland punk band ‘Cold By Winter”’. Rocker then went on to launch pop rock band Streetwise Scarlet who had great success on both TV and radio in New Zealand.

Shotgun Alley is constantly developing their sound and technique, the band’s different music backgrounds are evident in their sound and lyrics. ‘‘I think change in musical direction is really important. Not for others so much but for the guys playing the music. We would like the sound to mature for sure. Into what? Hard to know.’’ – Scotty Rocker.

Recently, Shotgun Alley supported Alice Cooper on his ‘Theatre of Death’ tour performing in Auckland, New Zealand ! Not bad for the Top 10 Most Viewed band on Myspace !


Shotgun Alley will be heading to Los Angeles early November to share the stage with Glam Metal band Steel Panther

1. Universe
2. Want This
3. Walk Away
4. Give It All Up For Rock
5. Eventually
6. Look At Me Now
7. I Came Here To Love You
8. Waiting To Fly
9. Suicide Boulevard
10. Heart Like Glass
11. All We Know
12. Can’t Stop The Rock

Mark Falcon – lead vocals
Scotty Rocker – drums
Davie Love – Rhtyhm & lead guitars
Jimmy Wong – keyboards
Josh Grant Betty – bass
Bahador Borhani – rhythm & lead guitars

Password: Plotn08


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