CoverGood mood music with claim kindly? Well then. Sexy from Switzerland consists of people who we know that with the music so running and after already made it clear that live the Post it was lacking time for the debut album of the hard rock band named Shout For Sexy !, which soon will appear.
Direct Root Song Supernova Queen, the same way also the single song from June this year, makes clear what we proffer the guys from Switzerland. Straight Hard Rock with a lot of rock and roll. The song makes you want more, the guitars do have to do what the guitars and rhythm section shows how a song forward flogged without falling over themselves.


[spoiler]And so it goes on even when Drive. Good rock, one wants to hear very well in a convertible on a string grade highway. The pace is driven exactly at the right moments slightly up or down and really makes you at any time los. Pamela is then the pace a little quieter and has my feeling a little blue wrapping. The chorus is then more than suitable to be sung by a few hundred throats or alternatively mitgegröhlt.
Even baby is then more likely to be found in mid-tempo and the sound reminiscent of the good old rock times where you stand with a glass comfortably at the sleazy bar in a rotten cellar and has slowly nodded his head. The boys show anyway that more than 2 chords you may need, because musically the things is damn good. Especially when it comes right down to business from the middle of the song and the guitar fraction indicates times where the rubber meets the road like that. So, with Last Night, it is then again a lot more rock and a little bit harder. Oh I do not want to say much about it, just a beautiful rock song that is fun and guarantees should come off well live.
With Fortunate Son then comes a very guitar driven rock song, which succeeds to meet exactly the right speed and to convey the right feeling of freedom and joy. After a few songs sometimes a great compliment to the singer, who just like the beid restlichenden songs hit the right nerve here. The subsequent Street Of Sin goes then again more in the blues rock, as I can hear him, unfortunately, rare. The pace is very restrained, but the emotion rail is fully extended. Lie mainly due to the great interplay between guitar and vocals.[/spoiler]

Don’t Waste My Time is then a catchy and pretty straightforward hard rockers, but not far and no less. The conclusion then do Shout For Sexy !. And I’m happy again when I hear guitar boards like here and then also the pure energy will pop out of the speakers. And the rhythm, makes clearly that one there immediately wants to join and I wish the song times to live. So off to Germany J
Conclusion: Sexy is really sexy. The music is just really good rock that transmits a lot of energy, but also leaves room for some quiet songs. Especially because you can see that the guys know their stuff and have at the same time a lot of fun in the matter. The debut album was thus not a snap shot, but you have a really good album at the start. Please it more in the future.

01. Supernova Queen
02. Drive
03. Pamela
04. Baby
05. Last Night
06. Fortunate Son
07. Street Of Sin
08. Don’t Waste My Time
09. Shout For Sexy!

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Sexy – Shout For Sexy! (2015)

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