The Italian band SECOND SIGHT sent me a 5-tracks counting CD they recorded with the help of various guest lead singers, because they do not have a lead vocalist in their line-up. Instrumental it does sound quite well, thanks to the bandmembers Gianluca Festinese (Bass), Francesco Di Battista (Drums), Pier Mazzini (Keyboards) and Andrea Maddalone (Guitars) as well as some guest appearances (including MARKO PAVIC playing some awesome guitarsolo’s), but vocally it is interesting too.

Opener “Back in your heart” is an ok song with not such strong vocalwork, but next song “Talk to me” has definitely got it all. This catchy 80s inspired uptempo Melodic AOR Rocker features superb vocalwork of ROBERTO TIRANTI (LABYRINTH/VISION DIVINE) and lovely guitarwork, a perfect winner sounding like early JADED HEART and from start to finish a sensational tune! “Your eyes” follows and features another great singer, namely MARC FARRANO (known as singer of the excellent AOR band), while the song has a 1991 HAREM SCAREM meets JEFF SCOTT SOTO ‘Prism’ kinda midtempo AOR vibe, so another wonderful tune to check out. Track number 4 is the uptempo “Heart of stone” which is another sensational tune with vocals of Marc, reminding of early 90s TALISMAN, STEELHOUSE LANE and such pure classic stuff. Closing track is “Sign of the times”, a lovely uptempo AOR rocker with superb vocalwork of a new Italian singer called Gabriele Gozzi who has been taught by the best Italian singer ever (MICHELE LUPPI, ex-VISION DIVINE). I am quite sure Gabriele will soon be picked up to sing a full-CD as he can deliver the same range as Michele, so fingers crossed for more material with him singing on it. Despite a slightly weak opener, the other 4 songs are pure Melodic Rockheaven! Make sure not to miss this awesome mini-CD of SECOND SIGHT!

1. Back In Your Heart
2. Talk To Me
3. Your Eyes
4. Heart Of Stone
5. Sign Of The Times

Gianluca Festinese – bass
Andrea Maddalone – guitars
Francesco Di Battista – drums
Pier Mazzini – keyboards

Roberto Tiranti – vocals (Edge Of Forever, Headrush)
Giacomo Gigantelli – vocals (Danger Zone, Second Sight)
Gabriele Gozzi – vocals (Skill in Veins, Markonee)
Marc Farrano – vocals (Faith Circus, Second Sight)
Roberto Vanni – guitars (Second Sight, James Christian)
Alex De Rosso – guitars (La Rox, Brunorock, Vertigo)
Alberto Bergonzoni – guitars (Michele Luppi’s Heaven)
Marko Pavic – guitars (Second Sight, Chris Catena, Shining Line)

Password: Plotn08



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Second Sight – Back on Earth (2009)

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