Members: Tommy Denander, David Hungate (Toto), Mats Olausson (Yngwie Malmsteen), Kee Marcello (Europe), Jim Jidhed (Alien)… Very melodious…

1. Dawn
2. Love You Tonight
3. Frozen
4. I Can’t Go On
5. Halfway To Heaven
6. Don’t Cry
7. When I Think About You
8. Moon Comes Calling
9. Heaven Holds You Near
10. Never Gonna Let You Go

Geir Roenning (vocals)
Sayit Dölen (guitars)
Tommy Denander (keyboards, bass, guitars)
Mats Olausson (keyboards)
Marcus Liliequist (drums)
Magnus Bjoerkroth (vocals)
Michael Thompson (guitars)
Martin Landlin (bass)
Kristoffer Lagerstroem (vocals)
Pierre Wensberg (vocals)
Magnus Bjoerkroth (vocals)
Kee Marcello (guitars)
David Hungate (bass)
Jim Jidhed (vocals)

Michael Thompson (David Foster, Celine Dion)
David Hungate (Toto)
Bruce Gaitsch
Mats Olausson (Yngwie Malmsteen)
Kee Marcello (Europe)
Jim Jidhed (Alien)
Geir Rönning
Pierre Wensberg

Password: Plotn08


Sayit – Again (2001)

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