Sarastro Blake - New ProgmanticsThe project of Paolo Pigni (ex-Mogador, Celtic Harp Orchestra) featuring many famous musicians.

Country: Italy
Sub Genre: Symphonic
Label: Mentalchemy Records
Release date: July 16, 2013
01 – The Lady Of Shalott (ft. Nick Magnus)
02 – Clare’s Song
03 – Scotland The Place (ft. Dave Lawson)
04 – Sonnet 116 (ft. Serena Bossi)
05 – Stanzas For Music (ft. Rick Wakeman & David Paton)
06 – Prelude To The Highlands
07 – My Hearth’s In The Highlands (ft. Amanda Lehmann)
08 – Remember (ft. Richard Sinclair)
09 – Flaming June (ft. Billy Sherwood)
10 – Beyond
11 – Solitary Bench (Remastered Version)

Paolo Pigni (ex-Mogador, Celtic Harp Orchestra) – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Piano
Luca Briccola (Mogador, Trewa, Celtic Harp Orchestra) – Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Flute, Percussion, Orchestration
Mirko Soncini – Drums
Richard Allen (Mogador) – Additional Vocals
Marco Carenzio – Additional Vocals
Serena Bossi – Additional Vocals, Vocals on “Sonnet 116″
Rick Wakeman (Yes): Piano on “Stanzas For Music”
Richard Sinclair (Caravan): Vocals and Bass on “Remember”
David Paton (Alan Parson Project, Camel, Fish): Vocals on “Stanzas For Music”
Dave Lawson (Greenslade): Electric Piano on “Scotland The Place”
Nick Magnus (Steve Hackett): Keyboards on “The Lady Of Shalott”
Amanda Lehmann (Steve Hackett): Vocals on “My Heart’s In The Highlands”
Billy Sherwood (Yes, Toto, Circa): Keyboards and Guitars on “Flaming June”
Filippo Pedretti: Violin on “The Lady Of Shalott”

Password: Plotn08


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