Sal Piamonte seems dislocated in time and place: 25 years from the Sunset Strip. Instead, he’s living and breathing his music in Canada, battling it out with Nickelback for the top spot of melodic hard/sleaze rock, with his second albumLives in Devil City. What’s up with living in the great North? Too cold or too much moose piss in the water? Maybe not enough chicks.

Piamonte has all the skills and elements for creating good melodic hard rock. Not the least of which are his strong vocals and vocal arrangements, hook-laden and catchy song writing, and intense sense of melody and pacing. Add some sterling production and this album buzzes with thrills and intensity. This indie project sounds likes a big budget production, totally first class.

Lives in Devil City hooks you from the start with immensely catchy and groove driven Take Me Home (also a single), Devil Woman, and Get Up Get Up. In the center, a ballad follows, Just A Little Bit, which displays Piamonte’s softer vocal side. (He’s a damn fine singer.) Tonight reminds of simple AOR melodic rock, but also proves, as do other songs, that Piamonte isn’t merely a Nickelback clone.

Then, from Shining Star to the end, he returns to the style and pace set at the start: simply fine melodic hard rock, with the wildly groovy Shining Star, Whatcha Say, and Go All night the better picks. Nasty Girl, not so much. But considering the strength of the whole, you can’t hold it against him.

The majority of the lyrical content mirrors that other Canadian band: sleazy misogynist themes where women are something between imaginary pornstars and basic sex objects. You may have to take a shower after listening to Lives in Devil City, but you know you had a rocking good time as you got down and dirty. Always remember, most rock lives below the belt.

Sal Piamonte’s Lives in Devil City is catchy and entertaining, dirty and sleazy, melodic hard rock. Practice safe sex when you listen. Recommended.

1. Big Sleazy Intro [Explicit]
2. Take Me Home [Explicit]
3. Devil Woman [Explicit]
4. Get Up, Get Up [Explicit]
5. Just A Little Bit [Explicit]
6. Tonight [Explicit]
7. Shining Star [Explicit]
8. Nasty Girl [Explicit]
9. Whatcha Say [Explicit]
11. Go All Night [Explicit]
12. Big Sleazy Outro [Explicit]
13. Take Me Home (Radio Edit) [Explicit]

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Sal Piamonte – Lives in Devil City 2011

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