FrontIt really does seem like yesterday, yet somehow the thick end of two decades has passed since the heady days of Saints Believe Us larging it in New York City.Formed from the ashes of Croydon rock combo The GasBoys, SBU was primarily Steve and I. Hooking up with NYC consortia a.k.a SLF Inc in the spring of ’92 later led to the recording of album ‘Invalid if Detached’.

With a heavy muso line up of guitarists John McCurry (Cyndi Lauper,Julian Lennon,Michael Bolton, Cher) Eddie Martinez (Robert Palmer/Jagger/Tina Turner) and the Cutting Crew’s very own Frosty Beadle on drums, a premier class collection of rock/pop cherries was delivered. A 1995 single release ‘I Don’t Believe It’ was really only half heartedly endorsed by the USA parent before being picked up by industry guru Jimmy Devlin who took the band to his newly formed MDMC label. A line up, that by now had former (and current again) Outfield man Alan Jackman on drums, set about supporting the release. Alas, despite extensive regional radio successes SBU were stuck on the MDMC back burner, a poor fourth behind star acts Tony Hadley, the bloke who played ‘Henry’ in Neighbours and a group of stunning birds who called themselves ‘dearjon’ – the inevitable industry kick in the teeth soon followed.

[spoiler]And so to January 2009 – now we have the net, myspace and all. If only, in those days of chucking cassettes around in the 80’s had we had such luxury! But I wouldn’t change a thing – we had a damned good go, made some decent records, had a helluva laugh and made a lot of friends along the way – Richard Tandy, Chris Cooke, the Good Doctor Nigel Palmer, Gayle and the Orpington Crew and of course dear old Bogus Bob Fielack and the WOTM production team. We upset a few also,individually, collectively – hurt some others. Those that are owed ‘a sorry’ know who they are. Equally so, those who let us down know who they are too.

Anyhow – the Saints days are long gone and with them heady memories of the Power Station, BSB in the Chrysler, ‘Pornamar’ fleecing us for that last burger, feeling sick with vertigo at the top of the Twin Towers, our lawyer on Floor 69 of the Empire State (I so hate lifts!) and the subliminal contrast of Curtis and Norma in the oasis of honest, quintessential English endeavour that is called Berry House in Ardingly. Oh yes, I remember it well – studios, gigs, the excitement of those first radio blasts, long nights in New York dreaming of England. Sweet and sour extremes of great times and a bitterness that somehow it all escaped us pervade my emotions to this very day.

This site is for anyone who remotely enjoyed what we did, saw us do it, even bought the record.


01 – Can’t Sleep
02 – Don’t You Wonder Why
03 – Lost in Your Life
04 – I Can Drive
05 – Touch
06 – I Don’t Believe It
07 – Forever
08 – Ocean of Dreams
09 – Giving It Up For More
10 – I Don’t Believe It (Reprise)

Password: Plotn08


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Saints Believe Us – Invalid if Detached (1994)

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