“Like an Addiction” is the first album by italian hard rock/sleaze metal band Sandness. 1 or 2 minutes after I pushed play I had to check the date the album was released. Let’s just say that if it had come out in 1985 it may have been a good record.

While there is nothing wrong with the album there is nothing great about it either. It’s sounds like 3 dumb and immature young boys in their early 20’s who sing about partying, drinking and having sex. The problem is that it is pretty evident that these 3 young boys have done none of those things well enough or long enough to be in the position to write a decent song about them. It seems to me that if you have heard any album by Poison, Mötley Crüe, Whitesnake, Quite Riot, Winger or L.A. Guns (Sandness actually opened a gig for them in 2011).

01. Artificial Lover
02. Bad Things Cause Bad Things
03. Don’t Drop
04. Darkness Around me
05. Dreamin’ Is My Way
06. Lia
07. Pay What You Say
08. Drinking Wine Under The Bridge
09. No One Leaves Until The Dawn
10. Lay Your Hair Down
11. Shake My Dancin’ Soul


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Sandness – Like an Addiction (2013)

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