German Heavy Metal veterans SACRED STEEL announce the release of their new album “Heavy Metal Sacrifice” on October 14 2016. The album was recorded at Music Factory Studio Kempten (Germany) and produced by Sacred Steel and Christian Schmid.

With the release of “Heavy Metal Sacrifice”, the band celebrates its first 20 years, providing one of their most convincing albums ever. With highlights such as “Heavy Metal Sacrifice”, “Let There Be Steel” , “Hail The Godz Of War” and “Children Of The Sky” SACRED STEEL set in motion a war-machine that will crush the enemies of true heavy metal!

1. Glory Ride
2. Heavy Metal Sacrifice
3. The Sign Of The Skull
4. Hail To The Godz Of War
5. Vulture Priest
6. Children Of The Sky
7. Let There Be Steel
8. Chaos Unleashed
9. The Dead Walk The Earth
10. Beyond The Gates Of Nineveh
11. Iron Donkey

Jens Sonnenberg – Guitars (ex-Baphomet, ex-Cavillator, ex-Zadok)
Mathias Straub – Drums (Naevus, ex-Mystic Prophecy, ex-Voodooshock)
Gerrit P. Mutz – Vocals (Angel of Damnation, Battleroar, Dawn of Winter, ex-Tragedy Divine, ex-Cemetery, ex-Variety of Arts, ex-Astral Door)
Kai Schindelar – Bass (Lanfear, ex-Darkland, ex-Necrology, ex-Thalia’s Mirror)
Jonas Khalil – Guitars (My Darkest Hate, ex-Immortal Metalheads, Bathorlord, Chapel of Gore, Serpent Speech, ex-Disbelief, ex-Eternal Glory, ex-Final Excess, ex-Stikki Fykk)

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SACRED STEEL – Heavy Metal Sacrifice 2016

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