12559According to the information of a colleague Glam Rock is from Switzerland an extremely idiosyncratic affair. One could also say, a very, very rare affair because we namely also live in a time where the Glam Rock has only a few supporters. Of course there are exceptional phenomena such STEEL PANTHER or reawakened bands like Motley Crue,

but generally the style of young bands is much harder, rougher and faster than the groovy, cheerful and mostly party-inducing hard rock with paint and related glam clothes of the 80s was so popular.

RUSTED GUNS are quite worthy representatives of the profession. to revive the young and hungry the 80s, they pull the thing just by, as one would expect. Since we have one hand their funky Glitter clothes and thick kohl lines around the eyes, then the cheeky song titles, and of course not entirely innocuous texts, where they do not go so far with this, as one might expect based on individual titles.

Musically they settle somewhere between the STEEL PANTHER and hard rock sizes of the 80 above to which their texts so are not below the belt by far, as in the mature exchange tigers. The melodies and songwriting are already quite well and you can hear the potential of the band. It is important that they be mature and naughty, because somehow they sound to me still quite good and sometimes lacking a bit of bite in the music. In sum, I can only say: Keep it up, you are on the right track. There are definitely a lot of people out there who want to hear this kind of music.

As Anspieltipps I want two songs call: On the one hand “Nice Boys Play Hard” that easy with its groovy riffs and catchy chorus right plays in the ear canals, on the other hand, the bluesy slow-starting “Time Has Come”, in which I immediately Singer Lucas stands out because it sounds great on this song and the mood brings over very well. The increase with guitar riffs and solos and chorus in the chorus is a really good hand while writing this number. You moults thereby my personal favorite EP and is heard more often guaranteed.

1. Never Die
2. Nice Boys Play Hard
3. She’s On Fire
4. Cock Your Guns
5. Time Has Come
6. Shit On The Wall

Lucas Widmer – Vocals & Bass
Fabian de Cecilia – Guitar
Luc Hangartner – Guitar
Andy Portmann – Drums

Password: Plotn08


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Rusted Guns – Rusted Guns (2016) EP

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